Great Wall Restaurant Supplier has been servicing the frozen seafood industry since 1996 with the ultimate goal of providing superior service to all customers. We serve the highest quality frozen seafoods with the best prices. We adhere to the strictest frozen seafood regulations and requirements enforced by the FDA. Our logistics arm provides delivery services seven days a week, year-round.

Great Wall Restaurant Supplier is one of the largest Chinese-owned wholesale businesses in USA, and continues to grow. We've outgrown our initial establishment in Toledo, Ohio, to expand into Chicago, Dallas, and Atlanta.

The trading branch of our company, Top East Trading Company, was established in 2000, extending our business coverage from wholesale to fresh seafood processing, trading, importing, and exporting. The Top East Trading Company works with vendors globally, from regions such as China, Canada, South America, and New Zealand. Thousands of cargo containers containing our products are transported annually.

感谢您访问的长城海鲜公司网站。长城海鲜多年始终致力于提供客户最新鲜实惠的各类海鲜冷冻海产品。长城海鲜深知客户对价格及质量的高度要求。长城海鲜拥有符合美国严谨法令要求的海鲜分销作业管理流程, 专业冷冻车队每周七天, 全年无休地持续提供客户最满意的服务。

长城海鲜是全美最大的华人海鲜批发集团, 1996年成立于俄亥俄州托来多市. 勤恳在美耕耘二十余年, 目前于俄亥俄州托莱多,芝加哥、达拉斯、亚特兰大等地均设有分子公司; 企业版图覆盖美国东西二岸。

长城食品子公司中美贸易自2000年成立以来, 进一步将食品加工及进出口业务纳入版图; 中美贸易每年进出口冷冻海鲜千余柜, 在中国、加拿大、 南美洲、新西兰等地有长期合作伙伴。